Method Knowledge clips
A knowledge clip is a short video recording in which the teaching staff member explains one specific subject, a particular concept or a basic principle. Such clips can be made in different ways but what is essentially unique about them as a method is that they are short, usually no more than 3-7 minutes, and that they deal with one single topic. Some course providers make available banks of such clips which build up over the years to become a very useful resource on a particular theme or subject.  They can be created in different ways and by different members of the teaching team and students can also be given the task of producing knowledge clips on a particular subject themselves as part of the course design.
Aim To make available resources that students can use and re-use when dealing with particularly challenging but important topics or subjects. Such clips are also a way of providing a uniform and high-quality explanation which gets to the essential nature of the chosen topic or issue.
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Knowledge clips are very useful when dealing with particularly difficult topics that lend themselves well to visual demonstration or explanation and which can be dealt with in a short period of time. Showing how a specific process works for example. They are less useful in topics requiring discussion and reflection. They can be created for use in practically any discipline and at any level.
Intended learning outcomes
  • Students have a better understanding of a specific subject, issue, practice or procedure
If you as the staff member are planning to create your own knowledge clips for a specific subject or course, then these need to be created well in advance of the relevant course or lesson so students are aware of their existence and then can use and re-use them at their own discretion. Creating such clips can be created in different days this includes using a video recording space for a live action recording of some type or using the lecturer’s voice only along with screencasting software like Camtasia.

The step to create such a knowledge clip are usually as follows:

  • Decide on the subject of the clip – remember these are by nature short (2-4 minutes) long video clips explaining a single process, activity or item.
  • Prepare a recording script, identifying exactly what needs to be shown/recorded in a logical and sequential manner following the format introduction (what this is about), content (the main content of the clip), summary (what you have seen).
  • Record your clip making sure the text, images and audio are all fit-for-purpose and of sufficiently high quality
  • Publish your clip in a format and location suitable for easy access by students.
Preparation If the clips are to be made by the staff member then her/she needs to prepare each clip in advance of the lesson. If the clips are to be made by students then they will require, time, instruction and resources in order to create useful knowledge clips.
Required resources and equipment The choice of recording equipment depends on the requirements of the production process, the skills of the academic and the resources available to the students. Consider live action video, animation, screencasts, audio only…
Success factors The quality of the knowledge clip in terms of technical standards, clarity of the explanation, relevance, etc are all factors in determining the success or otherwise of knowledge clips.
Advantages Having an easy to access well designed and executed knowledge s clip can really help students understand challenging topics, processes or subjects.
Disadvantages Like with any other learning resource made available to students, there is always a danger that knowledge clips will simply not be accessed by students unless there is a good and motivating reason for them to do so.
Additional information This description and guide to creating a knowledge clip from KU Leuven in Belgium is a very good place to start if you would like to know more about creating your own knowledge clips.

This link from Radboud University in the Netherlands explains how and when to use Knowledge Clips.

Take a look at these short knowledge clips on YouTube which are all short informational videos of animals, birds, bugs and plants.

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