Dace Siliņa

Teaching Psychological aspects of peer mentor work in University of Latvia.

The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. It helps to focus and learn what is most important.

Using the Jigsaw method

Agita Šmitiņa

Teaching Project Management in Creative Industries in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia.

The method allows to release creative thinking, visualize ideas, develop them, as well as critically but supportively evaluate the accomplishments. Design thinking exercises allow students to be creative, think outside the frames, get more qualitative and interesting results.

Using the Design thinking method

Ilze Grīnberga

Teaching Tourism organization and management in University of Latvia.

 “Contemporary students are requesting more effort and creativity from a professor. The methods that motivate and engage should offer an opportunity to look from a different angle, show digital skills and guide them to pay attention to details they would not recognize.”

Using Peer assessment and Tell and Sell method

Ewa Gałązka

Teaching Management in HORECA branch at the University of Humanities and Economics AHE in Łódź, Poland

“They really liked it. I mean, the methods reach resources they are not even aware of possessing. Students start to believe they have knowledge on the subject and skills, their creativity is revealed. As for me the methods allow to gain insights in their attitudes, engagement, decide on materials they prefer during classes. I can understand students better and provide better education”.

Using Think Aloud, Role Play and Video Catch-up method

Zofia Okraj

Teaching Methodology of social research at the Jan Kochanowski University (JKU) in Kielce, Poland.

“The methods stimulate alternative, metaphorical expression of thoughts, endorse overcoming stereotypes and enable original thinking. In some aspects you are facing technological challenges but you can use your phone and comment on reality. The procedure and description is clear enough, although I made some changes. For me individual assignments at the beginning of the class work better, but you can adapt the method to your needs.”

Using Documentary Making, Making Thinking Visible – Colour, Symbol Image, Video Catch-Up method

Łukasz Zaorski-Sikora

Teaching Fundamentals of Philosophy at the University of Humanities and Economics AHE in Łódź, Poland.

This method is perfect for educational projects that my students complete as part of the assignments in the subject of Philosophy fundamentals.  Peer assessment and self assessment are necessery elements of a project, developing self-awareness, building reflective focus, enabling dialogue.
I highly recommend Peer Assessment!

Using Peer Assessment method


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